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Project: Candy Crossing Retail Store 

Location:St. Louis, Missouri

Project Background & Description

Bloomsdale Excavating Company, Inc. was hired to demo an existing building in order for the construction of a new coffee and candy retail shop to be built in the same area.  .  

The St. Louis Zoo is a world renowned zoo which attracting nearly 3 million visitors annually to view the nearly 17,000 wild animals and insects.  The St. Louis Zoo is open 363 days each year, closing only on December 25 and January 1 thereby making communication on this project the top priority.  So as to not impact the daily activities affecting the zoo staff, visitors and animals, daily delivery windows were established between the hours of 6am-9am for equipment,  material handling and haul off.  To complicate matters a bit more, the project was also loacated in the middle of the zoo which required additional coordination with the General Contractor, Owner and Public.  Nearly 4,700 tons of minus rock and screenings were imported via pedestrian walkways for a new building pad, storm and sanitary sewer. 

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