Safety | Bloomsdale Excavating Company Inc.


Employee safety is essential to building success at Bloomsdale Excavating. A safe work environment is everyone’s right – and therefore a shared responsibility. We have evolved from a focus on simply reducing injuries to a firm expectation of zero injuries. Everything we do is aimed at achieving this goal.

Our safety culture starts with our leadership’s commitment to protecting our most coveted asset, our employees. This culture is solidified with strong buy-in from all employees. Our total commitment helps employees stay healthy, keeps them productive and ultimately allows Bloomsdale Excavating to deliver our customers the best possible value.

Our safety performance is considered one of the best in our industry. Our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) has consistently remained below .77 for the past 5 years. And while we understand our EMR is the barometer of measurement, we have policies which allow that number to be a by-product of Bloomsdale Excavating’s commitment, culture, and overall performance.