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Bloomsdale Excavating - A Proven Process

At Bloomsdale Excavating we are a member of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). By giving our employees the tools and accountability associated with an entrepreneurialExcavation Contractor in Missouri mindset, we can foster an environment which creates a clear vision, develops a more cohesive and healthier team, and invites business and project ownership into everything we do.

Our Core Values:

  • Check our ego at the door (through humility, integrity, team mindset)
  • Set The Bar (passionate, professional)
  • Have a positive attitude (acceptance, faith, joy)
  • Figure it out (we own it, turn it into it, solve/achieve together)

Our History

Bloomsdale Excavating has a rich history that began more than 75 years ago. Marvin Drury founded the company after coming home from World War II, naming it for the southeast Missouri town in which it was located. He began excavating gravel from nearby creeks and delivering it to his neighbors who farmed the land.

Marvin’s brother Ralph Drury soon joined the company. Together, they followed opportunities as central and southern Missouri grew – drilling wells and installing public water supplies and sewage collection systems. (Read More)

Our Team

At Bloomsdale Excavating, TEAMWORK is central to our clients’ success. From the management to the field, we all work together to ensure the success of your project. Our executive management has over 100 combined years of experience in the industry. You’ll find that their experience is based in INTEGRITY from working in the field. (Read More)


Employee safety is essential to building success at Bloomsdale Excavating. A safe work environment is everyone’s right – and therefore a shared responsibility. We have evolved from a focus on simply reducing injuries to a firm expectation of zero injuries. Everything we do is aimed at achieving this goal.

Our safety culture starts with our leadership’s commitment to protecting our most coveted asset, our employees. (Read More)

Career Opportunities

At Bloomsdale excavating, we are immensely proud that several different families are now on their 2nd and 3rd generation of BE employees. Bloomsdale Excavating attracts individuals with talents that strengthen our team and fulfill our mission of providing excavation and grading services that set the bar for our industry. We value and encourage innovation, and we reward superior performance and professional success. (Check out our job opportunities)

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