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Project: Rolla Westside Marketplace Redevelopment Project Area 1
Location: Rolla, MO

Project Background & Description

BE’s scope of work included: Site clearing, earthwork, and site utilities

Project Summary

The project consisted of site preparation work and services in connection with the development of 333,000 square feet of retail buildings. Activity included clearing and preparing the site, earthwork including drilling/blasting rock, building pad development, parking lot and perimeter road development, utilities, landscaping, restoring all disturbed areas and SWPPP management.

Following substantial completion of the Rolla Westside Market-place Redevelopment Project Area 1 project, BE was awarded two additional projects within the Rolla Westside Marketplace footprint for the civil site work package on two buildings.

Project Highlights

  • Clearing and burning 13 acres
  • Stripping, stockpiling and replacing 11,100 cubic yards (cy) of topsoil
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) management including siltation control installation, maintenance, reporting and removal
  • 450,000 cy of unclassified earthwork, including 368,000 cy of mass rock excavation
  • Drilling and blasting 375,000 cy of rock
  • 25,000 cy of fill slope toe over-excavation to solid rock, backfilled with shot rock
  • 16,000 cy of shot rock base in road and parking areas
  • 10,600 ton of 2-inch minus crush stone imported and installed on road and parking areas
  • 87,000 ton of 4-inch minus crush stone imported and installed on building pads
  • Finish grading building pads, parking areas and streets to within tolerance to accept concrete or asphalt pavement
  • 3,110 linear feet (lf) of storm sewer piping, 330lf of 4’x10’ box culvert, 32 structures and riprap protection
  • 2,500 lf of 8" sanitary sewer piping and 7 precast manholes
  • 4,000 lf of 12" water main piping, 2 pressure taps, 7 – 12" gate valves and 4 fire hydrant assemblies
  • Concrete sidewalks and curb, asphalt streets and parking lots
  • Street and parking lot striping, signage and guardrail
  • Electric and communication conduit system
  • Asphalt walking path with bridge
  • Landscaping and complete restoration of all disturbed areas

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