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Project: Mason Pointe
Location: Town & Country, MO

Project Background & Description

Bloomsdale Excavating’s scope of work included: Clearing, site demolition, erosion control, excavation/backfill, temporary roads and laydown areas, site utilities (including two underground storage units), and finish grading.

Project Summary

Mason Pointe is a Lutheran Senior Services (LSS) owned senior living community in west St. Louis County, MO. The expansion project, which is adjacent to Mason Pointe's main location, will feature a three-story, 390,000-square-foot building with 156 new independent living apartments when it opens in the summer of 2020. The expansion was announced in 2016 after LSS bought and rebranded the former Cedars of Town & Country, renaming it Mason Pointe. LSS originally planned to build 140 units but increased the size of the expansion due to the increased demand for independent living in west St. Louis County.

The general contractor, proposed starting the building excavation and storm sewer as soon as possible. However, sewer permitting was delayed, requiring Bloomsdale to provide alternative solutions to allow the project to kick off. Part of that solution was to put two hauling crews on the building excavation to take advantage of the dry weather. That focus allowed work to begin while awaiting sewer permits. 

Site quantities included 12,000 square yards of temporary roads and laydown areas, 28,000 cubic yards of exported soil and rock, 15,000 cubic yards of onsite cut and fill. Simultaneously, as the 2,700 linear feet of storm sewer was placed, a 19,000 square foot underground storage system (Stormtech Units) was put in place to handle stormwater runoff. This was due to the lack of on-site area for a traditional retention basin.

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