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Project: Fort Leonard Wood Permanent Party Barracks Phases 1 & 2

Location: Fort Leonard Wood, MO

Project Background & Description

Bloomsdale Excavating’s scope of work included: Clearing and grubbing, site grading, erosion control and utility extensions

Project Summary

Bloomsdale Excavating Company, Inc., along with the General Contractor, Civil Engineer, and other design disciplines, were hired to work together in the development, design and construction of the site, building, utilities and landscaping elements.  The first and second phase of the Permanent Party Barracks project consisted of 37 village-style housing units interconnected by public streets and recreational paths. The team's goal was to complete a portion of the units to accommodate troops returning from overseas.

Bloomsdale successfully excavated 56,000 cubic yards of earth and rock and installed 5,500 feet of storm sewers, 6,000 feet of sanitary sewers and 7,500 feet of water main and service lines. 

During phase one, the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) readily approved an earthworks approach developed by Bloomsdale that would benefit future project phases while remaining within the allocated budget. The final site design and submittal process addressed the sanitary sewer and water distribution systems, electrical distribution system and detailed grading design. The design/build team worked with all federal, state and local project participants in obtaining permits and design approval. A two-phase, fast-track design and submittal process was selected as the best approach to exceed project quality and schedule goals. This method allowed for construction to begin while the remainder of the design was still in its preliminary stages. 

The Permanent Party Barracks projects were designed to accommodate existing features of historical significance and will serve as housing for military personnel and their families. 

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