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Project: Wood River Plant

Location: Wood River, Illinois

Project Background & Description

Dynegy's Wood River Power Station had converted to Montana Coal, which emits less sulfur. In order to more efficiently haul the coal, larger unit train unloading facilities needed to be built. Bloomsdale Excavating Company, Inc. was contracted to construct a new mile and a half-long rail loop for Dynegy's Wood River Power Station in Wood River, IL. 

In order to meet the project requirements, Bloomsdale needed to make all of the cuts and fill excavation associated with the perforation of the sub-ballasts. Then, Bloomsdale needed to place all sub-ballast mats, railroad spurs, tracks and ties for the rail loop. 

The power plant continued to run during the construction of the rail loop, adding additional challenges and safety concerns to the project. While working near the live railway tracks, additional supervision was administered and work tasks and hours were carefully scheduled so as not to interrupt plant operations. Despite these challenges, the project was completed on time, on budget and without any safety issues. 

The improved rail loop allows unit trains of more than 135 hoppers to be handled, which significantly lowered Dynegy's fuel transportation costs. 

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