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PROJECT: Prairie Power Pearl Landfill Cell Closure 

Bloomsdale Excavating’s scope of work included: Value engineering & constructability planning, grading of coal ash and soil cap, erosion control and maintenance, demolition of existing steel and concrete foundation structures located in and adjacent to the Illinois River, installation of membrane liner, and soil stabilization. 

In 2012, Prairie Power closed its Pearl Generation  Station.  The small 22-megawatt, coal-fired base load plant went on-line in 1968.  The Prairie Power Pearl Landfill Cell Closure project required the closing of 700,000+ square feet of ash landfill, demolition of  existing structures, foundations and a dock located at the power plant along the Illinois River.

In summary, Bloomsdale Excavating performed all  demolition of the existing dock and structures along 
the Illinois River, graded over 141,000 cubic yards of coal combustion ash, managed installation of 700,000+ square feet of geomembrane liner, graded over 82,000 cubic yards for the 3 foot thick soil cap, and performed soil stabilization and final restoration.

Additionally, due to considerably wet conditions, a  significant amount of ash had previously found its way into the drainage system along the nearby state highway right of way.  As part of the closeout of the cell, it was a requirement to clean up the canal along the state highway.  Thus, immediate and long-term erosion control plans were developed in collaboration, using the removal ash from the canal as part of the landfill cell closure and importing clay soils to reinforce the pond liner along the right of way.  Equally, various means including long reach excavators and lime drying agents were implemented to overcome the wet conditions and unstable soil.

Bloomsdale Excavating was able to clean up the drainage system by excavating the ash and then providing  stabilization through the use of erosion control blankets, turf reinforcement mats, seeding and mulching.  The landfill cell closure was completed on time and below the original budget.

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