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Project: Festus Commons Curb & Gutter
Location: Festus, MO

Project Background & Description

Located in Festus, MO, Festus Commons is a new multi-use retail development.  The developer was under specific time constraints to have a portion of the development open to the public to meet tenant move-in needs and requirements.  Working with the developer and general contractor, Bloomsdale created a plan to phase the project in such a way that would allow for ongoing design of later phases, while still meeting the time requirements of tenants.  Bloomsdale Excavating was then able to work with the developer to construct additional site improvements in the second phase to meet other tenant needs.

Project Summary

Bloomsdale was contracted to construct approximately 6,100 lineal feet of concrete curb and gutter using slip form paving in two phases.  Additionally, Bloomsdale poured radius and tie-ins to curb inlets and 17 existing curb locations, including a very large concrete swale at an existing ditch crossing. 

Our approach to the project focused on slip form curb and gutter paving means and methods allowing the majority of the curb and gutter to be completed in a time frame that best suited the developers schedule.   

Project Success

Bloomsdale Excavating was able to meet the needs of the project by working closely with the client to ensure our mean and methods not only provided the required curb and gutter for the new roadway but met temporary and permanent stormwater management needs and requirements. Phasing was done in a manner that minimized impact or potential rework of areas that were still in the design phase, while ensuring stormwater was managed adequately during the construction process.  Additionally, we worked with the developer to provide additional curb inlet features ensuring better capture of stormwater runoff within the completed systems. 

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