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Project: Covia Ore Haulage
Client: Covia Holdings Corp.
Location: Peveley, MO

Project Background & Description

Built through the merging of two leading organizations, Unimin and Fairmount-Santrol, Covia is a leading provider of minerals and material solutions for the industrial and energy markets.  The Covia plant in Pevely, MO, produces Granusil® high-performance construction sand, one of many advanced mineral and material solutions, is a frequent choice for a variety of industrial and contractor-mixed applications. Consistent, uniform grain shape and particle-size distribution have excellent placement, compaction, and mechanical properties in manufactured or site-prepared products.

Project Summary

Treated as a separate contract from the Covia Sand Drilling project, The Covia Ore Haulage contract allowed Bloomsdale to once again work directly for the owner, Covia Holdings Corp.  For its part in the Covia Sand Drilling project, Bloomsdale Excavating was contracted to drill sandstone for production blasting, with a major ownership goal to maximize the amount of drilling per occurrence in an effort to minimize the cost of blasting and mobilizations, while trying to maximize plant production.  

With the ore haulage project, Bloomsdale managed all mining activities, including pumping water, drilling sand, coordinating blasting activities and managing stockpiles while hauling 485,000 cubic yards of silica sand to ready for the crushing process.

Project Success

Through constant communication with the owner, Bloomsdale was able to manage both projects simultaneously to achieve the mobilization goals of the owner allowing the plant to stay ahead of production. 

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