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PROJECT: Elm Point Levee District 2019 Flood Recovery Repairs

LOCATION: St. Charles County, MO


The project required Bloomsdale Excavating (BE) to repair two levee breaches and repair one levee slide. Bloomsdale  Excavating’s contract entailed excavating 10,000 cubic yards from on-site borrow areas and haul to two levee breaches to reconstruct the levee. Additionally, BE needed to excavate 10,000 cubic yards of levee slide material, lime process the material and return to the levee embankment to restore structural integrity.The borrow area given to obtain the material for the breach repairs was in a low-lying area. A temporary plug was placed in the levee breach, which allowed Bloomsdale to de-water the borrow area and construct the permanent fix.The project repaired the structural integrity of the levee and restored flood protection to the surrounding areas.

Site quantities included:
• Excavate and lime process 10,000 cubic yards of embankment.

• Haul and reconstruct two (2) levee breach

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