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PROJECTS: Degognia, Grand Tower, and Clear Creek Levee Districts

LOCATION: Various Counties in Illinois


Project consisted of repairing numerous levee slides in 3 different levee districts, slip lining and grouting a 72" metal culvert, and resurfacing the levee top at the repair areas.

This included site excavation of approximately 75,000 cubic yards of material, which due to the time of year needed to be treated with 32 pounds per square yard of hydrated lime. Additionally, Bloomsdale slip lined 275 feet of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe in an existing culvert under the levee. Other key deliverables included spreading 4,000 tons of rock on the top of the levee to restore the work areas and seeded and mulched 80 acres of disturbed riverside area.

Site quantities included:
• Three (3) separate levee repairs

•75,000 cubic yards of site excavation•Hydrated lime treatment at 32 pounds per squareyard

•Slip line 275 feet of HDPE

•Placement of 4,000 tons of rock

•Seed and mulch 80 acres of disturbed riverside.

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