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PROJECT: Sals Creek Levee Scour Repair

LOCATION: Scott City, MO


Bloomsdale Excavating was contracted for the scour repair project on the Sals Creek Levee in Scott City, MO.

Bloomsdale's scope of work included clearing 1.5 acres, excavation and grading 3,000 cubic yards of material for the placement of 5,100 tons of R650 rip rap, placing 2,500 cubic yards of compacted fill under the rip rap and placing 600 tons of bedding on top of the fabric under the rip rap.

As part of Bloomsdale's project planning, it was determined the excavation spoils would be used for the backfill, eliminating any need to import material. Additionally, with cooperative weather conditions, Bloomsdale was able to complete this project two weeks ahead of schedule.

Site quantities included:
• Clearing 1.5 acres

• Excavate and grad 3,000 CY of material (2,500of which was used as backfill for the project)

• Place 600 tons of bedding on top of fabric overcompacted material

• Place 5,100 tons of R650 rip rap

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