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PROJECT: Farrenburg Levee Phase 6

LOCATION: New Madrid County, MO


Bloomsdale Excavating (BE) has been the excavation and grading contractor working with the USACE on several phases of the Farrenburg Levee Project. For Phase 6, BE was contracted to strip and replace 18,000 cubic yards of topsoil, import and place 16,500 CY of soil embankment, and place 58,000 SY of geotextile fabric under 16,000 tons of base rock.  

All projects have challenges and in the case of Phase 6, USACE had outdated survey data. After stripping topsoil BE had to survey the existing levee and provide a design that meets all the project design requirements.  This required BE to schedule the project to both minimize project downtime and allow USACE to approve new designs. Equally challenging was that the project is in a remote location making it difficult to haul soil and base rock to 7.8 miles of remote levee with minimal access locations.

Site quantities included:
• 18,000 CY - Strip and replace topsoil

•16,500 CY - Soil embankment placement

•58,000 SY - Geotextile placement

•16,000 Tons - Base rock placement

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