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PROJECT: John Cochran VA Hospital Demolition



Working as a subcontractor, Bloomsdale Excavating (BE) was contracted by a General Contractor to demolish and abandon a 3-story condemned building at the John Cochran Veterans Hospital in St. Louis city. The condemned building was inaccessible and therefore no abatement work could be performed. In fact, all debris was to be handled and treated as containing asbestos. For it's part, BE managed all utility abandonment, concrete sidewalk replacement, dirt import, and site grading after debris removal.This building effectively covered a full city square block with no on-site parking. All debris haul-off required blocking lanes of traffic and specific routing of trucks. Equally it was determined that an 8" water main feeding the building would need to be terminated, dug up, and abandoned after the area was safe following demolition.In total Bloomsdale demolished and hauled off over 5,000 tons of building debris to a special waste landfill, replaced 250' of sidewalks, poured new "S" curve concrete curbs, and imported 2,000 CY of clean replacement fill.

Site quantities included:

  • 5,000 CY - Demolition Debris Haul-Off
  • 250 Feet - New sidewalk and concretecurb replacement
  • 2,000 CY - Clean Fill Replacement

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