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PROJECT: Jefferson Barracks Cemetery Expansion Phase 5C


Working as the subcontractor, Bloomsdale Excavating was contracted to provide site excavation & grading, demolition & clearing, storm sewer installation, concrete paving, and curb & gutter on a new cemetery expansion consisting of 4 crypt fields, 1 in-ground cremains field, and 2,000’ of new roadway.
Bloomsdale worked closely with the General Contractor, RKE, continuing their partnership towards another successful project with the Government. Each team was able to perform their work in a manner to not impede the efficiency of the other team.
Crypt field excavation and backfill could be performed one crypt at a time. Once each crypt field was mass excavated, an extensive underdrain system was constructed. With the soil being excavated, Bloomsdale was to haul that material offsite and did so with little to no disruption to the Government or the public.

Site Quantities:

  • Excavation/Grading – 100,000 CY
  • Storm Sewer & Underdrains – 8,000 LF
  • Concrete Paving – 1,200 SF
  • Curb & Gutter – 4,400 LF

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